Is being a player when dating a bad thing

Playing the field is a popular phrase that refers to someone who has a lot of sexual partners. It’s important to note that playing the field doesn’t necessarily mean having sex with multiple people at once but rather having short-term relationships.


A person who plays the field and dates several beautiful Canberra escorts may also be called a player. People who play the field are not bad, as they are just searching for the right one. On the other hand, those who cannot keep their relationships for long do have concerns.

What Playing The Field Means

The term playing the field comes from baseball, where players land on different bases to get to the home base. Some people use this term in reference to dating multiple people without any commitment or desire for something serious.


There are many reasons why someone would choose to play the field instead of settling down in a relationship, such as:

Players Look For The Next Best Thing

A person who is always looking for the next best thing might also be a player. Jumping from one partner to another leaves little time for building strong bonds with their partners or caring about them deeply. That person may be too busy seeking out new potential partners to focus on what’s happening in their current relationship.

Players Look For New Sex Partners

Players basically aren’t loyal to their partners. Suppose you’re dating someone who doesn’t seem interested in trying hard enough to make things work with you or anyone else.


In that case, it might be because they are looking for something more suitable for them. That person could also just be looking for sex and could very well move on without warning when someone new comes along.

Players Have Decided Not To Get Serious

Those who play the field are likely afraid of getting hurt by someone who could leave them at any time. They also may not know what they want out of life yet and feel that dating multiple people can help them figure out what kind of person they would like to spend their life with.


Players prefer to avoid being tied down by one person when so many options are available to them.


Players Who Say It Is Not Them But You

Players who are relationship hoppers will find a way to make you feel bad about yourself. They might blame their past relationships on the other person and shall do the same in a current relationship.


Some players want to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Instead, they want you to feel like you’re doing something wrong so they can get away with what they’re doing without any consequences or backlash from anyone else.

Players Can Be Relationship Hoppers


If you are dating someone who is a relationship hopper, they will likely not have many friends. These kinds of players may also be moving around a lot and not staying in one place for long.


This can be because they have trouble making lasting connections with people or because they are always looking for something better in their lives. In either case, it’s essential to watch out for this type of player behaviour if you want to keep your relationship healthy and stable.

In Conclusion

These are a few of the signs that can help you identify someone as a player. Avoid being hurt if you are with a player. It is best not to cause emotional distress to anyone if you want to be a player.